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SmartBear TestComplete - Still the best Test Automation Tool

I had an opportunity to try yet another automation tool, but TestComplete is still the best object mapping tool I have tried.

You can see my comparison matrix here:

And see what SmartBear has to say for starters about TestComplete here:

The TestComplete Platform acts as a backbone for TestComplete Web, TestComplete Desktop, and TestComplete Mobile.

  • To use either of the Web, Desktop, or Mobile modules, the TestComplete Platform is a prerequisite.
  • Use TestComplete Platform's Integration with SoapUI NG, ServiceV, and SoapUI to go beyond the user interface and automate tests that invoke APIs or other Web services.
  • TestComplete Platform helps you to find the right balance between the speed of application delivery and quality at an affordable cost.
  • TestComplete Platform's integration with other tools ensures quick turnaround is available while releasing software in frequent and shorter release cycles.

And from their own site: